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Weekend at gym o at home

There’s a call coming from a special place when the weekend is arriving. You feel it on Wednesday in a subtle way. It comes back a little more on Thursday; and on Friday it definitely has taken power of the body. So.. weekend at home or at gym?


It’s the GYM!!!! …for some people. 


It’s the BED!!!! …from some others.


Which one are you? Weekend, at home or at gym?

There’s nothing wrong with being both.


We must admit it!

Home has a sweet taste on weekends, but gym is also a very attractive option to spend our time off from the office. You just need to make sure of one thing: whether you stay at home or you go to gym, you gotta make sure you wear the most comfortable clothing so your body can properly recover from a weekend as it does on holidays.


Tie knots and tight skirts make tired necks and painful waists. Instead of that, we can choose from our closet softer and more comfortable garments for saturdays and sundays, leading our mind through peaceful thoughts that will fulfill us with wellbeing.


If you don’t find a special piece on your closet or want to try a new one, following this link you will find some really comfortable leggings, OWfit can always help you make the best of your weekend:


Take care of yourself, we take care of the outfit.



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