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Sophie in the Sticks



Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

I’ve made no secret of my dissatisfaction with my fitness over the last year or so and I’m going to talk about it in this post “Sophie in the sticks”. Things have changed, I’ve changed. Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. Well, I don’t recall specifically making plans.
How many times have I written about how I’m thinking of adopting a new healthier lifestyle and how I hope it will give me the motivation to claw my way back to feeling fit again instead of glum. Is this post any different? Who knows but at least I’m trying.

What went wrong? That’s what I want to know. At one time I was going to bootcamp twice a week, zumba and running two or three times. Meals were probably more sensible and with less snacking. It was a case of getting in from work and straight into workout gear for something, but that came at a price. I remember pushing myself to expend energy regardless of whether I had anything left to give and I’m not entirely sure that was healthy either.

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

Balance. When it comes to being selfish I can either be expert or fail altogether. People who are extremely fit must surely be selfish to achieve this… in order to eat what you need to and make time to get your workout/yoga/mediation in must have to pull the plug on anything and anyone for that spot of time. Laundry? Forget it, I’m working out. Cooking? I’m eating my own thing (which you won’t/don’t like). And sometimes I do this and sometimes I don’t.

It’s hard to juggle a full time job, a relationship (and home), your own health requirements and actually having a life. My idea of a life is fairly straightforward in terms of growing things, walking locally and photography. Blogging is for that little bit of time between feeling too tired to do any more chores and bed. It’s not as though I demand to go out on great excursions, see people or undertake lengthy activities. Yet still it doesn’t work trying to fit it all in and keep everyone happy.

With regard eating, I struggle so much on three points:

  • Feeling the obligation to make/eat meals we both like
  • Feeling an obligation to eat allotment produce
  • Enjoying all the unhealthiest of foods and snacks

I know there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food but more the quantity in which you eat it or in what company it keeps but looking at what I shovel in (and guzzle) does not appear to be balanced enough.

What to do about this. Well the only thing I can suggest to myself is to once again be selfish and say I’m cooking for myself and that’s just tough because I’m fed up of how I physically feel and the effect it’s having on my overall outlook.

I need to undertake a new policy of this is my time, no ifs or buts which can mean I decide what to do in it. That hour can be exercise if I’m up to it or a bit of meditation if not. Either way, it’s mine to decide where it gets spent instead of feeling like I have to fit things in to an existing schedule. Joining a gym is not an option unfortunately due to where we live/having the dog with me/gyms nearby having limited opening hours/limited equipment and generally C being adamant that a gym membership won’t solve everything. The dark evenings are looming now, so the couple of runs I’ve started during the week will soon be off-limits. My Mum has introduced me to Joe Wicks the Bodycoach and his HIIT style workouts and I do admit they have been good, I’ve done about 6.

In terms of fitness standards, mine is less than a couple of years ago but I’m adamant that I’m still doing ok. I’m stronger than I used to think I could be. I can run, spring, jump, lift myself, stretch, balance. All is not lost. I’m still Sophie in the sticks

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

Maybe I can draw up a flexible schedule of workouts/runs/stretches to fit in during a week, with some goals to reach. Much as the scales are a tad pointless, I’ll have a weigh in to start with, take measurements and see where I’m at in 3 months. It’s a bit weird to give out starts so better to just compare by waist X- 1 inch or something. In the hope of progress.

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

What better way to pick myself up and get back on track than with a smashing new pair of gym leggings. My normal choice is black and always long length. These super colourful Wildor leggings from Dmodasportwear OW are not only really stylish but a fabulous fit too. The material is completely different to my other pairs; it’s incredibly stretchy, but thick and they look like a capri pair until I pop them on, when they miraculously fit like a glove. It’s like a super supportive second skin. I’m in awe of technology! They come in a ‘one size’ which fits US 6-12 (which I was dubious about) but they basically fit to your shape, very clever.

I wore these for a couple of workouts recently and not only are they very comfortable, but don’t show your pants or budge at all. There are loads of stunning artistic bright and colourful designs, so you can find some really individual styles to suit how you want to dress. This pair are suitable for crossfit so are super hard wearing. At $79.50 they are more than my lower quality alternatives but I would say they represent excellent value as they wash and wear well.

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

Sophie in the sticks, OWfit leggings

Aim high!
Take care,



After ready Sophie in the sticks…

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