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3 steps to get a day off from home and office

Who said you lost your entrance to nightclubs once you become an entrepreneur mother? You know Business Moms also party!


There’s a myth that you lose your personal space when you choose the independent way. And even if it’s true entrepreneurship takes a lot of energy and time, it doesn’t mean you can not take one day off every then and when.


As business women and in some cases also mothers, it could sometimes look impossible to spend a night again with your best friends, as you probably did around college days. But if you take a closer look at the picture you’ll see a wider landscape, where options like co-parenting, babysitting and early planning appear to give us a light of hope.


Step 1 – Let’s release some extra charge


We can share the responsibility of child caring in a way we can have every then and when an opportunity to visit a friend who lives in another city or to gather all the girls together and update about our lives in a Ladies’ Night.

We can ask ourselves: Is our couple “helping us” or sharing the responsibility with us? Sure we can find a way to balance family duties and make ourselves a gap to meet with our people. Are we single and working mothers? There’s always a friend or family member who can give us a hand.


Step 2 – Finding the best services available gives us peace of mind


When there’s no family or friends around to cover you up with kids, it also works to build a babysitter directory, in order to have quality options in the agenda and being able to schedule the best professionals available on the date you need them.

An idea to begin this list is asking your closest friends for their experiences and information, and keeping it all safe and online using a spreadsheet. Now you’re close to say Business moms also party!


Step 3 – Skip Step 1 and Step 2 through early planning


After applying Step 1 and Step 2 you can probably have the space to meet your friends or take a weekend alone making sure home is not going to be a mess when you come back. But, we left for the end an even better idea: Step 3.


Even if they work, if you think about it for a minute… you will find you can skip Step 1 and Step 2 if you begin to plan your day-off some weeks before. This anticipation exercise will make all your activities develop in a way you can always be sure you’ll keep the selected date free, and ーat the same timeー it will give you the disposition to prepare for all kinds of last moment affairs, so you can really enjoy your day off.


Babes in Business, an opportunity to try Step 1, Step 2 and off course, Step 3


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